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Info-Ed's Wireless High Speed Broadband is an excellent choice for customers wanting something "faster" than dial-up. This service is entirely wireless to your house and requires absolutely no telephone lines or cable lines. You can search, shop, listen to music, play online games, and download up to 50x faster than dial-up. Service upgrades are a snap and can be managed from our office without having to send a technician to your house once the initial installation is completed. This service is available only in Celina, Moss, and Hermitage Springs at this time. We hope to have more coverage by Spring 2007.
- Instant Internet Access -- Always On and Always Connected! 
- No Phone Line or Cable Connection Needed...No dialing, no busy signals, and no disconnections. Are you tired of dial-up Internet access tying up your phone lines? Tired of wasting money on the phone line dedicated to your Internet connection? Wireless is the answer.
- Dedicated Customer Service & Technical Support 
- Access your favorite web pages, music, movies, photos and more 
- Quick installation by trained Info-Ed Installers

Tower located behind Celina Save-A-Lot

Tower behind Jack's Quick Shop in Celina being erected.

Just think with Info-Ed's Wireless Broadband:

1. No need for a home telephone: Many customers have completely dropped their home telephone to use their cell phone exclusively at home and on the road and use our Wireless Broadband for their internet connection.

2. No need for a cable connection: Some customers have decided to use a satellite for their TV because of cheaper prices, better reception, and the lack of cable internet. They use Info-Ed's Wireless Broadband for their internet connection.

3. VOIP Capable: VOIP-Voice over IP has been tested and works with our system. We offer packages from Vonage, Packet8, and others. Please contact us for pricing and details.

4. Service you can trust: Info-Ed is owned and ran by trained computer professionals that can help you with your networking needs if you need to hook more than one computer to the internet.

More Pics (CAUTION: High quality pics that will take some time to download on a slow connection).

Wireless Broadband Internet Access -- Residential Pricing 
Packages** Cost Setup and Installation Fee*
up to 1Mb download/up to 256kb upload $30.00/mth $50 w/1 year contract.
up to 3Mb download/up to 512kb upload $40.00/mth $50 w/1 year contract.
up to 4.5Mb download/up to 756kb upload $47.00/mth $50 w/1 year contract.
up to 6Mb download/up to 1Mb upload $55.00/mth $50 w/1 year contract. $100 w/no contract.

Wireless Broadband Internet Access -- Business Pricing 
Packages** Cost Setup and Installation Fee*
customized upload/download packages to meet your business needs. call for quote call for quote

*The Setup and Installation Fee is for the installation of the equipment at your establishment. Info-Ed owns the equipment and leases it to you with the service price each month. All equipment must be returned to Info-Ed, Inc. at the termination of service. 

**All packages require a 1 year service contract for the $50 Setup and Installation Fee, except for customized package. The contract length will be determined on the customized package at the time that Info-Ed gives a quote.

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